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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Copper continues dog school

Yesterday Copper started his new four week training in basic household obedience. We were late because I couldn't find the dog training facility so when we walk into the room, seven excited dogs began barking. What did Copper do? He stayed true to himself, looked around and wondered why everybody is making such a fuss. Students of all breeds (a funny Labradoodle, a noisy Jack Russell, a well behaved Cockerspaniel, a Springer Spaniel, a shy wippet, a timid Labrador and a Shepard Mix) learned sit, down, watch me. Nothing new for Mr. Copper, but refreshing the already known never hurts. We hope to pass this class and be able to move forward into a Beginner Rally Obedience class next. Might be a stretch for a Bloodhound, but if he has fun, I will give it a try. To make the class a success, homework is a must. Always remember not to jump to fast from one exercise to another. Make sure "A" is fully understood before you attempt "B". If the basics are not there, you have to pay later when you try to teach your dogs advanced tricks, obedience and such!
Be patience, have a positive attitude and SMILE. Have FUN and your dog will have fun.
Look at Coppers "Grad" pic (passed Youngster obedience class spring 2011), I couldn't have been any more proud of him that day!


  1. We have our puppy in obedience class. I find continuing with classes makes me keep training as I know I need to do my homework!

  2. I agree, classes make me do short training sessions every day with my dogs. A little bit of training mixed with the daily routines and walks improves the relationship with my dogs A LOT!

  3. Copper is such a beautiful dog! Kingsley (my Basset) made it through a few obedience classes (not sure how) he's at a point where we can live with him but I would say he trained us more than we trained him!

  4. I get the feeling with Copper as well. He does his thing and joins in human activity when he feels like it. Very independent those hounds, so its nice to have a Golden Retriever as well. Lacy craves for attention and follows me everywhere, no questions asked;)