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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Copper's Tips of REALLY important things to remember

1. Squirrels can fight back.
2. Plastic bags will not hurt me...even when they are caught on the fence making noise
3. I must resist to eat bees
4. Always check the sliding glass door to see if it's open before I try to run through it at full speed
5. I must realize that coyotes are terrible snobs and that howling along with them will NOT get them to talk to me
6. It really isn't necessary for me to clean Mum's ears when she is sleeping. She is perfectly capable of cleaning her own ears. be continued...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Herbal healing power

Copper had stomach problems again so I was looking for a herbal remedy to give him some relief.
I found chamomile, which has amazing healing power. The best way to give it to dogs is as a slightly warm tea with some honey. Copper loved it and he seemed to feel much better after a few hours. The Diarrhea disappeared too.
Besides using chamomile for stomach and digestion issues, the tea can also be used as a soak for a wounded paw.
Never use Chamomile for the eyes The tiny hairs of the chamomile flower can irritate the eyes very bad and is no help at all!