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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big dog ears...big problems?

All you hound owners (and not only you), are you fighting with yeast infections in your dogs ears? Copper had terrible trouble last winter, really painful, hot red ears. The treatment was painful and he was hiding as soon as he saw me approaching with the ear cleaner and antibiotic drops. I want to be pro-active this winter and was looking into a natural way to balance the yeast in his body. I found the website, which carries natural health remedies for animals. Always consider a food allergy, if the symptoms persist. Make sure you get a vet diagnosis first and then decide the proper treatment. Sometimes antibiotics are necessary, but if it turns into a chronic problem, other treatments should be considered. I will try the Phytostan Therapy from Also I started feeding Copper joghurt and will look into some Schuessler mineral tissue salts to support Copper's ear health. More about this soon.
Stay in tune with yourself and your dog companions!


  1. I can sympathize Kingsley had ear problems when he was younger. We changed his diet and still clean his ears a few times a week. The ear cleaning is pleasant, isn't it?
    I just love Copper's face!

  2. Poor Copper. My puppy's ears are fine- but are there other symptoms that would indiacte food allergies? I have heard that the same breeds are more likely to get allergies.

  3. Yes, they are other symptoms. Usually the skin is affected with itching and hot spots. You maybe see red spots, raised hair etc. on their feet, ears, on the back of their legs, under their belly.
    Any dog can be born with or develop various allergies, but there are some breeds that seem to be particularly prone to them. Here just a few breeds that are sensitive to issues with food and/or airborne allergies.
    German Shepard/Shi Tzu/Irish Setter/Pugs/Dalmation/Retriever/Poodle