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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not ready for winter!

Copper loves to be outside in any weather at any time! Lacy...not so much. She wants to be, wherever I am, and the cold wind that's blowing today, I rather sit in my cosy office, then being outdoors. Lacy likes to cuddle up on the couch - yes I know I admit she is allowed on the couch-, never enough snuggle time for her! Looking at her gets me over any winter crankiness in a heartbeat!


  1. Oh there is nothing like cuddling with a dog on a cold day! Sleeping Basset, cup of tea, good book... the perfect chilly day! Love Lacy's face!

  2. Thanks! Well you mentioning tea and a good book+sleepy hound proofs, that we dog owner's know, how to enjoy and cherish some quite time!