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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big ears...listen well!?

O.K., I just have to write one more post about the big hound ears. You would think, that with such big ears, hounds are able to listen well to commands and such. Mh, Copper is a hero in his obedience class, sit, down, stay, heal no problem. But off leash, the command "HERE" becomes a possibility, which gets all to often ignored. So I'm attaching a long leash to him every time we go out, and walk him with a 16ft. flexi leash, when we leave the property. I feel bad taking away his freedom to roam, but I can only secure his safety by keeping him close. So more walks for me. With an east wind blowing and minus 20 Celsius it means bundling up for me and out we go...


  1. Oh I love the photo's of Copper! Kingsley, my basset, isn't allowed off leash because although we know he can hear, he only hears what he wants to. I had this once explained to me that hounds are bred to lead, we are suppose to follow them as opposed to a lab or retriever that is meant to bring things back. So the recall off leash is terrible and not because he can't hear! Certainly if I open the treat jar he can hear it from a mile away!

  2. Kingsley and Copper are sure brothers at heart (and nose)! Its good that Copper even gets excited about apples, carrots, bananas you name it. So I can cut back on high calorie treats easy and still have a happy hound!