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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finding a way out of a "hole"

I truly can't believe my last post was in November last year! Nothing life-changing happened, just life itself took a tight grip on me. With trying to get ahead of the daily grind, I all of a sudden realized that instead of moving forward, I was digging myself deeper into a hole. It took a long time, and huge digging effort from Copper and Lacy, to get me back on top of my game. Every day,they started with enthusiasm, playful and full of joy and never stopped trying to make me smile, when I felt like crying, to make me dance, when I barely felt the strength to crawl. Thanks to my dog companions (better time management and taking on less projects), the bad times are over, I'm out of the hole, soooo ready for spring and much more. Stay blog is back being inspired!


  1. I'm so glad you're back! Thank goodness for Copper and Lacy, dogs really are the best. Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!

  2. Thank you! Good to hear from you. Hope Kingsley is doing well!

  3. Kingsley is well! I had to learn that I can't do everything, I used to get so scattered and not get anything done or anything done well.