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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Superfruits for Canines

You probably have heard and read your fair share about superfruits for humans to boost our health and immun system. Well, guess what, here are 6 superfruits you can share with your canine companion (source:

1. Acai Berries - they are a good source of vegetarian protein and fats, which dogs require in a balanced diet
2. Blackberries - they can boost your dog's defences against diseases and stress symptoms. Try mixing blackberries with broccoli and a whole egg for a doggie "smoothie" (haven't tried that one yet myself)
3. Cranberries - those berries are known for their ability to improve urinary health in both humans and animals. It's a perfect tonic for an aging or arthritic dog, but some dislike its tartness. Try mixing it with other foods or giving it as you would a pill.
4. Wolfberries (goji berry)- helps reduce inflammation, improve heart health, prevent eye disease and it can also help modulate a dog's immun system so he respond to infections in a healthy manner.
5. Pomegranates - in whole, there are an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. Studies also shown that they can help with heart disease and its natural juices also coat a dog's teeth with bacteria fighting compounds.
6. Blueberries - it is the strongest antioxidant fruit grown in North America. The antioxidant inhibits the growth of cancer cells and reduce inflammation. Several studies have found they improve mood and mental function in animals. Most dogs enjoy their sweet flavor, but others find them too strong. If your companion declines them, he is more likely to enjoy them in a "stew" made with meat.

Superfruits can be fed as treats or sprinkle into your dog's food.
I must admit, I haven't tried them all yet, but my "kids" sure enjoy the extra treats and come running :)

Fruits to avoid: grapes, raisins and also limit your dog's intake of pits and seeds in fruit. They contain cyanide which can poison your dog if ingested in large quantities!


  1. So interesting! I had no idea that fruits would benefit dogs. I have 2 cats so will have to see if the same idea applies to them as well.

  2. I think with our feline friends it is more an issue of getting them to eat the fruits. When I consider our cats, I would have to be VERY creative on how to make them like the berries.

  3. Kingsley (my Basset) will be so glad to know he has more treats coming his way! I think he will enjoy blueberries (he seems to enjoy everything).

  4. Glad to make your Basset smile! My hound is the same way, he its everything (even a whole tomatoe not to long ago:)