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Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 herbs for CATS

Since two cats are part of our family as well, I found this article about natural remedies for our feline friends (source:

1. Saw palmetto for urinary blockage
Cats with a history of urinary blockage can safely use this herb long term. This herb has anti-inflammatory effects on the bladder.
2. Hawthorne for the heart
Hawthorne can be helpful in improving heart muscle function.
3. Ginko for cognition
Ginko has been used for human dementia patients and can be useful for old kitties that don't seem "with it" anymore.
4. Dandelion for tummy problems
For constipated cats Dandelion acts as a laxative while adressing the underlying problem of poor digestion.
5. Marshmallow the all around herb
Marshmallow can soothe and restore mucus membranes and helps those tissues to heal.
This herb has many potential uses for our feline friends. Respiratory problems, gastrointestinal disorders, stomatitis (painful swelling of the gums) can be eased with marshmallow.

Administering many herbs to cats can be difficult because of their strong odor, but marshmallow is very mild and is easily mixed in can food.

ATTENTION: While rare, some herbs interfere or react negatively with medications and other treatments. Please consult with your veterinarian first.


  1. So interesting! I never would have thought about herbs for cats. I recently got a new cat from the Humane Society who my other cat is not so fond of, any herbs to cure that? :)

  2. Maybe Bach Flower remedies would help your "old" cats to adjust to the new one! You shouldn't have a problem to get them in Germany. For your case, I would try to give your old cats #15 Holly (against jealousy, aggression) Holly is the first choice, when it comes to introducing a new cat.
    If the new cat shows anxiety and is scared, try a mix of Hornbeam, Mimulus and Star of Bethlehem.
    Put 3 to 4 drops over their food daily until the situation mellows, or put the drops in our hand and wet their fur. The cat will lick the remedy, when she cleans herself.

    Good Luck!

    Beside my Master studies, I studies alternative medicine for dog/cats in Germany, so my knowledge doesn't come out of the blue.

  3. Greetings,

    I like the idea of ginko for our elderly cat. She's developed the idea that every time I walk past her bowl it's time to be fed -- even if there's food there!

    All best wishes,


  4. Might be worth a try! I like using herbs or homeopathy for animals because to some extend they can do no harm and its worth trying them! Good luck and thanks for your comment!