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Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Aid for dogs and stay calm

Dear Copper,
do you know how scared I was? Do you know how my voice cracked calling your name again and again but you didn't come? Please Copper, be a good dog companion and don't run away again!"

Well I told him those words time and time again after Mr. Copper decided to come home again. I must admit he was only gone for one hour. His longest disappearance was three (do I dare to say "so far"). His bloodhound nose just takes over sometimes and I'm worried sick.With his leash in my hand, Lacy at my side, I start walking and looking for him. And I always remember "try humming to block the negative thoughts out of your head; it will be a good distraction for you and it will calm you". It is good to know First Aid for animals, see my post. Also, I always have Arnica montana on hand. It is a great homeopathic remedy for any kind of shock, injury or trauma. Works very well for humans too!
Copper never came back injured, so I'm really thankful for that.


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