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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

making new dog "friends"

Lacy tried to make a new friend the other day. I was suspicious because we were ate the edge of a wheat field and she was jumping around in it trying to find the "moving thing". My calling was ignored. As I walked closer I saw her with a black and white animal, who wasn't happy about the intruder. Copper, on the leash, was testing my arm strength while I was trying to convince Lacy to come back "quickly. Yep too late it was, when she trotted back and smelled "bad". Even Copper made a disgusted sound towards her and kept his distance.
Here a wash, that does work:
Mix of hydroxin peroxide, baking soda and dishdetergent.

The joys off fall include meeting lots of wildlife!


  1. I've always been afraid of one of my dogs getting sprayed too! Now I have a solution...thanks!

  2. I hope I never have to use this advice! A friends husky was sprayed a few months ago and the car still smells. Love the photo!