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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A day with doggy companions...

Needed to do some shopping in Calgary (YES some shopping is necessary!) and the dogs spent the day in Innisfail at the Boarding Kennel. Copper loves these outings, meet new friends and play all day (now he is snoring happily back home). Lacy had a beauty day with haircut, pedicure and pampering (time to roll in some horse poo tomorrow again). It is nice to see that other people like having my dogs around and thinking they are well behaved canine companions. As a dog owner you easily think you have the best dogs in the world but it is nice to get outsiders opinions. So get your dogs out there, let them meet friends and let them make new friends. It will make them happy and balanced and that will give you the calm, inner confidence your paw companion loves you for!
Ending on a funny note...I found this on the web and just had to enter Copper with the dog chow movie poster challenge!


  1. Dogs in Germany are the most well behaved dogs I've ever seen anywhere, so maybe you brought your good dog behavior with you :). Copper looks like a movie star!

  2. I think this is a result of Germany being a very crowded place. Dog-owners will encounter lots of people on their daily walks, and your really want to have a well behaved pooch on the end of the leash. There are also lots of dog training clubs in Germany with Youth groups, competitions and so on. Agility and training a dog to be a good companion without pressure are BIG in Germany as well.

  3. My three dogs love the kennel as well! I've been bringing them to the same kennel for 3 years and the owners treat them like their own. I have so many friends/family that think it's cruel but I think it socializes them. It also makes them less needy with me. To me it's like summer camp for them. How can I post a pic of my furballs for you?

  4. I agree with the socializing part totally. If you have found the right kennel, which takes good care of your dogs, there is nothing cruel about it!